Convocation Series

In keeping with Converse’s liberal arts tradition, the Convocation Series exists to encourage the development of all aspects of the human spirit. It stems from the core values of the University: Excellence, Integrity, Diversity, Respect, Community, Exploration and Progress. Through participation in a broad base of programs provided by the institution, it is believed that Converse students will gain a greater appreciation of life experiences beyond their area of study. The Converse Convocation Series strives to enrich the student experience and encourage the development of women educated to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Convocation Requirements

All undergraduate Converse students (residential and commuting) are required to attend Opening Convocation and Founder's Day. These two celebrations bookend the academic year and serve as ties to and the foundation of Converse. These two events bring students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alumni together to honor and celebrate the course of another year for the university. Students who miss either of these events are required to petition within one week of the event to the Civitas Council, through, in order to be excused. These dates should be reserved by every student and held open to attend.

In addition to Opening Convocation and Founder's Day, every traditional undergraduate student is expected to attend 5 additional Convocation events for each semester. January term is counted with the spring semester. These additional events may be selected from the categories listed below. Students must attend at least one event from each category.

How to Pledge

Students must pledge Convocation attendance online at within one week (7 days) of the event to receive credit for attendance. Students will be given advance notification via campus email of abbreviated pledge cycles at the end of terms to meet billing deadlines.

Student Teaching

Student Teachers are required to meet the Convocation requirements but for these exceptions:

  1. may miss Opening or Founders Day if actively student teaching and cannot leave their placement during the event,
  2. If they are student teaching outside of Spartanburg County and are additionally living off-campus, however, they must notify the Director of Residential Life and Student Conduct of their situation.

Convocation Fines

A student will be fined $30 for each event less than the six required per semester (Opening Convocation plus five selections in the fall and Founders Day plus five selections in the spring). Students may attend and receive credit for as many events as they would like. Fines are assessed at the end of each semester and applied to the student’s account. All appeals must be handled through Civitas during the time period communicated to the student body. And special appeals are handled at the discretion of the Director of Residential Life and Student Conduct.

Convocation Categories

The University encourages students to experience all that Converse has to offer.

  • Opening Convocation and Founder's Day must be attended by all.
  • Students must attend at least one from each category and submit an electronic pledge for a total of 6 each semester.

The five categories from which to select Convocation events are:

  1. Arts and Humanities
    1. Art exhibits and openings
    2. Creative writing workshops and speakers
    3. Music recitals
    4. Theater and Opera performances
  2. Campus Celebrations
    1. SGA Town Hall Meetings
    2. Called/Special meetings with the President or university administration
    3. Honor Code signing for all new students
    4. Festival of Lessons and Carols
    5. Honor emphasis programs and speakers
    6. Celebration Weekend
      1. Including May Day, Sophomore Sisterhood Dinner, Junior Ring, Freshmen Pinning, Academic, Athletic & Leadership Awards
  3. Community Engagement
    1. Community service events
      1. Including campus wide service events and College Town service projects
      2. University sponsored service activities
    2. Athletics events
    3. Wellness Center Programs
    4. Service trips sponsored by the university
    5. Other programs/events that promote engagement in the Converse community may be petitioned to Civitas for consideration
  4. Diversity
    1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
    2. Black History Month Events
    3. Religious Life events
    4. Model programs events
    5. Other programs/events that promote diverse perspectives, knowledge of different cultures, methodologies, and world views may be petitioned to Civitas for consideration
  5. Leadership Development
    1. Student Government election speeches
    2. Student Government installations
    3. Student Government leadership retreat
    4. Career Development workshops and guest speakers
    5. Other programs/events that promote leadership development and education may be petitioned to Civitas for consideration

Guest speakers hosted by University departments or Student Organizations may be petitioned to Civitas for consideration and will be assigned the appropriate category.

Students are expected to show respect for the caliber of the program, for the stature and historical nature of the event, and for the positive representation of Converse University and its students.