Elementary Education Major

Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts, BA

The program in elementary education produces well- qualified elementary teachers for grades 2–6 and meets the majority of certification requirements in the states in which most Converse graduates prefer to teach. Students wishing to pursue this program should meet with an appropriate adviser as soon as possible. Beginning in Fall 2020 all elementary education majors are required to pass the PRAXIS Subject Assessments required for certification in their area of student teaching in order to be placed in a student teaching setting. Teacher candidates should verify the test code numbers of the South Carolina requirement PRAXIS requirements, because the codes are subject to change.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Candidates will use teaching strategies that encourage students’ development of critical thinking and problem solving.
  2. Candidates apply concepts from reading, language and child development, to teach reading, writing, speaking, viewing, listening, and thinking skills.
  3. Candidates use formal and informal assessment strategies to plan, evaluate and strengthen instruction.

Required Courses

Teacher candidates may take courses only in Benchmark I before being admitted to the Teacher Education Program. See the departmental web page for a list of Benchmark courses and other important information.

Students in this major must complete all admission requirements for the Teacher Education Program and two sequential, incremental clinicals. In the first clinical, EDU 101, they observe and work with an individual child (usually in grades 1-2) on reading instruction. In the second clinical, EDU 103, they work with large group instruction in an elementary setting. The students’ transcripts will reflect the completion of these clinicals.

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