Multicategorial Special Education Major

Degree Type
Bachelor of Arts, BA

The multicategorical special education block major, designed to prepare special education teacher candidates in grades K–12, includes 69 hours of coursework in intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, and elementary education. Teacher candidates complete an approved program in intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities and the add-on requirements for certification in the additional areas.

Teacher candidates should verify the test code numbers of the South Carolina requirement PRAXIS requirements because the codes are subject to change.

Directed student teaching will be in intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities. It is particularly important that students who choose this major confer with the Education Department at the earliest possible date.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Candidates will provide meaningful and challenging learning experiences.
  2. Candidates will use multiple methods of assessment and data sources in making educational decisions.
  3. Candidates will use knowledge of general and specialized curricula to individualize learning and to select, adapt, and use a repertoire of evidence-based instructional strategies.

Required Courses

Teacher candidates may take courses only in Benchmark I before being admitted to the Teacher Education Program. See the departmental web page for a list of Benchmark courses and other important information.

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